Summit of the Americas blog introduction

By Annette Hester, CIGI Senior Fellow

Hello everyone;

Welcome to our coverage of the V Summit of the Americas. On behalf of CIGI, CEBRI, and all our partner institutions, our objective is to bring the Summit to you as it unfolds, from the vantage point of scholars – who, dare we suggest, have an informed bias.

Blogging from such an event is not new. We do plan, however, to introduce a number of new features to the stories, comments, and analysis we post from the Summit. We will use Twitter, invite guest contributors, conduct short interviews with a number of individuals – from government officials to taxi drivers (in Port of Spain, they have the best music selection ever!); check the substantive issues, as well as fashion, music, and anything that sparks our interest, or yours.

Yours, because we hope you will be an active participant. Tell us what you are curious about, who we should seek, what we should ask, and we will go about finding the answers for you.

Although the official program starts late afternoon on Friday, there are a number of parallel events beginning tomorrow. There are many gatherings: the Private Sector, Youth, Civil Society, Labour, and Parliamentarian forums, to name a few. The non (should we say anti) official Peoples’ Summit is going to be taking place at the campus of the University of West Indies where a group of academics – our colleagues from Université Laval, the Institute of International Relations at UWI, and our own CIGI – are holding a colloquium on inter-American cooperation.

All this to say, we are looking forward to a fun time – full of stimulating discussion, much learning, and an occasion to come together with our friends from the hemisphere.


Annette, Adriana, and Jennifer

As well as Breanne, Sebastian and Stephanie


2 Responses to Summit of the Americas blog introduction

  1. Ibi says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could comment on President Obama’s ease of travel restrictions to Cuba and how is it received at the Summit?

  2. While there is generally great delight in the region with Obama’s loosening of restrictions on Cuba, there is also some concern that this development will overshadow some other issues on the Summit agenda such as environmentally sustainable energy plans, security and narcotraffic issues, as well as ensuring that economic progress achieved in the past decade is not irretrievably lost.

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