Return to the blog space

In the days leading up to the April 2009 Summit of the Americas we decided that an expanded blog space would give us the best platform to share the ideas we had developed with our Blueprint project as well as to comment on the events we would be witnessing.

We brought together our creative team and in record time constructed the CIGIatSOA blog page. We added Tweeter feed, invited our friends from around the globe to join us, partnered with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and arrived in Port of Spain, Blackberrys on hand, ready to break new ground on how think tanks contribute, comment, and inform the public.

The experience was exhilarating. We managed to deliver our Blueprint document to the hands of all foreign affairs ministers; thanks to the kindness of Ambassador Bugailiskis, the Canadian Assistant Deputy Minister for South America and the Caribbean, our efforts were singled out as having made a significant contribution to the discussions and plans forward; our blog attracted numerous guest contributors – including Marcel Biato, advisor to President Lula; and our articles and tweets reached thousands.

And we learned a great deal…including what not to do next time around.

This new blog space is the result of our learning. We have changed the configuration to make it easier to navigate and read, and we plan to add more features as we go along. Still, for now, we are eager to get going again.

We will follow the many events and conversations that are sure to help shape the energy developments hemisphere-wide. The plans are fluid: be there; comment, participate, discuss, analyze …. Provoke thought, and ultimately, contribute to bring about prosperity and partnerships.

We hope you join us at every step of the way.


One Response to Return to the blog space

  1. Annette,

    I wish you and your team the very best of luck in presenting this document. I do hope that it gets much attention from delegates at the summit.
    I would like to remind you of the critical role that Biochar could play in helping to build a truly sustainable and co-operative “Carbon Economy” between our great nations. One that would see us all become winners. Winners in Energy, winners in Food, winners in Health and winners in actually finding a suitable solution to climate change that is broad enough and and can be done at a scale that makes a truly significant difference quickly.
    As Kevin Aschim from the Alberta Research Council just just wrote to me, “If we want to restore the natural cycles in soil that repeated applications of fertilizer have destroyed… we have to get our brains off this fertilizer diet and think about the soil as a living beast with all the inherent means to produce most of its own nutrients – and stop putting our plants on IV drugs. We are converting our crops to junkies at the expense of our soil and our own health.”

    Lloyd Helferty
    “The history of every nation is eventually written in the way it cares for its soil”
    – Franklin D. Roosevelt

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