On Brazil, enegy, civil society and hours in a day

In spite of my best intentions, the ability to absorb 3 days of full discussions on sustainable energy and the future of biofuels (Ethanol Summit 2009); write: travel; and switch gears to concentrate on a meeting of president Lula’s Civil Society Advisory Council (of which 53 out of 85 councilors are here as well as 9 ministers who are speaking and at least 2 who are here just to listen and interact) has proven to be a challenging task.

Still, although I haven’t been able to post articles as I first thought I would do, I have been thinking about the best use of this space. Clearly, just telling you what is happening might be interesting while attending a summit, however, in case of a specific meeting and a research project I believe that value will come from the ability to engage you in discussion.

It is with this objective in mind that I will tailor my comments. I will choose few and key issues and hope they will resonate with you.

All this to say, my apologies for the delay in inserting content into this blog but it hasn’t been for lack of thought or desire to engage …. It is just lack of hours in a day.

Thanks a million for your patience.


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