The evolution of energy initiatives

Time flies when you are having fun…and keeping up with the world in the beginning of summer in North America is a challenge. That is the only explanation I can offer for the hiatus on article postings on this blog. Still, I am hard at work behind the scenes to bring you up to date on a number of fronts.

First, we are researching details on the new energy agreement signed by Chile and the US on the occasion of President Bachelet’s visit to Washington in June. According to the Chilean newspaper Santiago Times this is what transpired.

“Chile’s Energy Minister Marcelo Tokman signed an agreement with U.S. Energy Vice Minister Daniel Poneman which will increase the U.S.’s support of renewable energy programs in Chile. Specifically, the U.S. will lend technical support to the building of a new Renewable Energy Center announced by Bachelet in April’s Summit of theAmericas [ST,Apr. 20] and to a solar concentration center to be built in Chile’s sunlight-rich north

“The support the U.S. Energy Department will offer us, particularly in the establishment of a pilot project for our first solar concentration plant and in the setting up of the Renewable Energy Center, the best international practice, and make us a leader on a Latin American level in these types of energy and development processes,” Tokman told the press following the signing of the agreement.”

Another item of interest is the first meeting of the Canada-US Clean Energy Dialogue which took place in Washington DC on June 29 and 30. Information on the meeting is scant, so we are trying to find out what transpired, or at a minimum, who was there. So far, we know from Environment Canada’s press release that:

CED working groups and close to fifty private sector, academic, and non-governmental experts, both Minister Prentice and U.S. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu were optimistic about the progress made.”

There is more to come on these subjects soonest. Also, keep checking because sometime late next week, we hope to post an article by guest contributor, Sergio Garcia, who will dissect the ins and outs of protectionism, renewable energy and the US Stimulus Package.


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