Oil groups mount legal challenge to Schwarzenegger’s tar sands ban

As the SugarCane Blog discussed on February 2nd, today’s article penned by Terry Macalister, the U.K. Guardian’s energy editor, looks at lawsuits against the California LCFS. It follows what we expected, as posted in the three companion pieces: “California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard hit the Energy Sector”, “California LCFS: new hurdles for Canada’s Oil Sands” , and “California LCFS: want to comply? Buy sugar cane ethanol” .

A lobby group that includes BP and Shell in its membership has launched a legal challenge against low-carbon legislation in California that in effect rules out the use of oil from Canadian tar sands. The action by the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA) comes amid growing political, investor and consumer pressure on US oil companies not to participate in the carbon-intensive tar sands of Alberta. Read the Rest of this Entry >>


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