Dilma Rousseff talks to FT about the Pre-Salt Legislation

September 9, 2009

This posting first appeared in the Brazil Portal  — the Woodrow Wilson Brazil Institute  blog — as a link to the full interview FT’s Brazilian correspondent Jonathan Wheatley published on September 7.

Ms Rousseff is a former mines and energy minister and remains chairman of the board of Petrobras, the government-owned but publicly-traded oil company. She is one of the architects of the government’s proposed new regulatory regime for the oil industry that will govern operations in the pre-salt fields, Brazil’s potentially enormous off-shore oil deposits discovered over the past two years.  Read the rest of this entry…


Brazil, Petrobras, and the Pre-Salt Regulatory Framework: the debate starts…

September 2, 2009


President Lula ended months of speculation over how Brazil will deal with its mega oil and gas pre-salt reserves on Monday, when with much fanfare, he tabled four bills for congressional approval. The package was sent to congress with “urgent” status, which translates into a 90 day limit for discussion and votes. Read the rest of this entry »