The UN Energy and Climate Change Advisory Group Recommends…

May 2, 2010

 Dear Friends. This is my last article as Lead Author of this blog. Although I plan to continue my research on all issues related to energy in the Americas, I am ready for new challenges and projects. I will make sure to post the occasional article as a guest contributor in this blog space. 

Meanwhile, take good care and keep in touch.  Best, Annette.

On Wednesday I scooted out to New York to attend the meeting/release of the report/recommendations put forth by the UN Secretary General Energy and Climate Change Advisory Group. The gist of their mandate is to help the UN system understand and act on the nexus between energy and environment. Read the rest of this entry »


Innovation, Communication, Energy, and the Planet from a different perspective

December 10, 2009

This is song is a contribution by Rebecca Dawn, a wonderful young woman who worked with me on a number of research projects. She is about to defend her Master thesis and become a music sensation.

The idea of a rap on energy, efficiency and how to communicate the need for change in a different way came about from my discussions with colleagues at the World Bank and the InterAmerican Development Bank. The challenge they are facing in working with many countries in the Americas is the disconnect between policy and implementation. You might have the best regulatory and legal framework in place, but if the politics are disconnected and the message never gets to the people, there is no buy in and it simply doesn’t happen. How do you bridge this divide?

The way I figure, it has got to be fun. Work with music, telenovelas, soccer, and dance, and let the youth take over the message.  I turned to Timmy, who is an emerging artist and asked her to write a number for this blog — after she delivered her thesis to her supervisor! Here is the product of her efforts, done while she waited for comments and the request for revisions on her thesis… which are sure to come.

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard hit the Energy Sector

October 18, 2009

This policy brief, which will be followed by two companion pieces, was commissioned by Oxford Analytica. The two other pieces, one dealing with the impact on Alberta’s oil sands and the other on Brazil potential ethanol exports will be posted in the next few days.

SUBJECT: The impact of the California Air Resources Board’s new fuel lifecycle assessment rules on the energy industry in North America. Read the rest of this entry »


President Obama and Prime Minister Harper on Clean Energy Dialogue

September 16, 2009


The two presidents met today and issues the following statement on the Progress on the Clean Energy Dialogue:


 “The Prime Minister and the President reviewed progress to date on the U.S.-Canada Clean Energy Dialogue launched during President Obama’s visit to Ottawa.  They agreed that the report to leaders presented by ministers (see below) Read the rest of this entry »


Dilma Rousseff talks to FT about the Pre-Salt Legislation

September 9, 2009

This posting first appeared in the Brazil Portal  — the Woodrow Wilson Brazil Institute  blog — as a link to the full interview FT’s Brazilian correspondent Jonathan Wheatley published on September 7.

Ms Rousseff is a former mines and energy minister and remains chairman of the board of Petrobras, the government-owned but publicly-traded oil company. She is one of the architects of the government’s proposed new regulatory regime for the oil industry that will govern operations in the pre-salt fields, Brazil’s potentially enormous off-shore oil deposits discovered over the past two years.  Read the rest of this entry…


Brazil, Petrobras, and the Pre-Salt Regulatory Framework: the debate starts…

September 2, 2009


President Lula ended months of speculation over how Brazil will deal with its mega oil and gas pre-salt reserves on Monday, when with much fanfare, he tabled four bills for congressional approval. The package was sent to congress with “urgent” status, which translates into a 90 day limit for discussion and votes. Read the rest of this entry »


North America might be quiet, but south of the Rio Grande, Brazil rocks

August 23, 2009


It seems that in the virtual world a week is an eternity… so I have to start by apologizing to you for the lack of new articles on this blog in the last few days. I must confess that posting relevant stories while traveling, presenting at conferences, building projects, and writing reports is a challenge I have not conquered yet.

The North America Leaders’ Summit came and went and, unless I missed something, there wasn’t much substance to it. Read the rest of this entry »